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Half-lined ceramic ball valve

Half-lined ceramic ball valve

The valve shell is thickened and strengthened(higher than GB,JB,ANSI).And it can be made into two or three sections if necessary.As a result,the valve will be be distorted and blocked because of gravity.

The half-lined ceramic ball valve can suit to the medium of fiber,slurry and high-hardness particle,applicable to pipe-line transportation and emission of silicon powder,magnesium powder and lime.

The ceramic ball and seat inside are hard sealed so that the valve can be zero leakage,economical,practical and earmarked.


Nominal Pressure:PN 1.0-6.8

Strength Testing Pressure:2.4/3.8/6.0/9.6

Low-pressure Gas Seal Testing Pressure:1.8/2.8/4.4/7.1

Suitable Medium:Dust,Water,Oil,Gas,Slurry.

Suitable Temperature:-40 to 280/500 Deg C