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V-Port ceramic-lined ball valve

V-Port ceramic-lined ball valve

V-Port ceramic hard-sealing control ball valve has the same structure with the O-port ceramic hard-sealing ball valve.With a V-shaped ball inside,the V-port ceramic ball valve is often used as a control valve and has outstanding performances in high corrosion,high abrasive applications and zero leakage,together with the following characters:

Compared with the O-port ball valve,V-port ceramic ball valve has a equal-percent flow characteristic and a wide control range,and is more accurate,flexible,quickly,easily maintained and cost effective.

In small opening,the V-port ceramic hard-sealing control ball valve does not oscillate,and can control the flow stably.

When open and close the valve,the V-shaped ball and the seats generates a cutting force,and the fiber,solid and hard particles and something like that contained in the mediums will be cut off from the sealing face.Besides good self-lubrication of ceramics,V-port ceramic hard-sealing control ball valve will not be stuck anyway.

As description above,the ceramic-lined valve can greatly enhance the fluency and sealing of the industrial pipe systems.Improve the security and stability of the corollary equipments,enhance the environmental protection and energy saving.Structure ceramics has little deformation,high tensible strength,compressive strength and hardness.With the technological innovation,ceramic valves are getting more and more attention and have been used widely in many industry fields.



High-flow capacity and low pressure loss when it is fully opened.

High universality and compact in structure.

Wide Adjustable range and high adjustable precision.

Flow characteristics:Approximate Equal Percentage

Rotation angle:0-90


Driving Mode:Manual/Electric/Pneumatic/Worm gear

Working temperature: less than 280 Deg C

Special order must state the medium and the working condition.