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Ceramic dome valve(half ball valve)

Ceramic dome valve(half ball valve)

1.Straight-through type.One-way seals and eccentric structure,the ball will separate from the body when the valve is opened,and the valve will not be blocked.

2.It is laborsaving and rotating flexible when open and close the valve because at that time,the valve ball will separate from the seal seat and there is no contact and the torque is very low.Because of the shearing between the ball and the seat,the hard seal ceramic dome valve is self-cleaning and self-lubricating,and maintain a tight seal. 

3.Ceramic-lined dome valve,long-lif,safe and reliable.The eccentric structure of the sealing spherical surface allows automatic compensation for wear and tear to maintain the valve's sealing performance.

4.High abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance because of the hard-seal structure of the ceramic dome valve.


Main Specifications.

Nominal pressure:1.0-4.0Mpa

Nominal diameter:DN50-DN500

Suitable medium:Pulp,alumina powder,coal dust,dust gas,waste residue,etc

Suitable Temperature:-40 to 280 to 450 Deg C