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Metallized Ceramics

Metallized Ceramics


Big Diametre Glazing & Metallized Ceramic Tubes
1.Good electrical insulation
2.Wear resistant
3.Corrosion resistant

Big Diametre Glazing&Metallized Ceramic Tubes for Vacuum Interrupters

High Alumina Metallized Ceramic Tube Insulator

Electrical Ceramic Insulator

Al2O3 Ceramic Insulator

Ceramic with metallization


FUBOON suppliers precision Big Diametre Glazing&Metallized Ceramic Tubes in alumium oxide ceramics for the military,medical and aerospace industries.Through spray,needle and brush coatings or screen printing our capabilities allow us to metallized on flat,cylindrical and complex ceramic bodies. Moly-Manganese is the typical base coat materials used for metallization.


Overview of Main Physical Properties:

1.Good electrical insulation

2.High mechanical strength

3.Excellent wear resistance

4.Excellent corrosion resistance

5.Low dielectric constant

Overview of Main Applications:

1.Pump seals and other components

2.Wear resistant inserts

3.Insulating washers or bushings

4.Semiconductor components

5.Aerospace components

6.Automotive sensors

7.Electrical or electronic insulators


Descriptions of Metallization Processing:

Metallization Processing
(See Process Description Below)

Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter Banding


Screen Printing



Base Metallization Materials

Moly Manganese

Tungsten Manganese

Moly Tungsten Manganese

Materials for Metallization

Aluminum Oxide

Beryllium Oxide (Restrictions Apply)

Metallization Characteristics/Benefits

Low Temperature Firing

Universally Applicable

Process Speed

Uniform Coating, Thickness and Density

No substrate deformation

Metallization Equipment

Domestic Furnaces

Industry Focus

Department of Defense

Department of Energy

Solar Product Manufacturing




Computer and Electronics

Vacuum Electronics





Intended Applications for Metallization Products

Traveling Wave Tubes

Vacuum Electronic Devices

Medical Devices

Photon Machines

Neutron Generators

X-Ray Tubes


High Vacuum Feed Through

Relay Insulators

E-Beam Technology


Available Metallization&Plating Specifications:

Available Ceramic Compositions Al2O3 94%,97%,99.5%
Available Metallization Materials Mo/Mn
Metallization Thickness 25±10um
Available Plating Materials Ni/Ag/Au
Plating Thickness 2-10um