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Zirconia ceramic tube With Good Wear Resistance

Zirconia ceramic tube With Good Wear Resistance


Product Description:

Zirconia ceramic tube Specifications:

1. 2300C working temperature,

2. Good therm stability

3. ISO pressed

4. Fast delivery, competitive prices

Zirconia ceramic tube Advantages:

1.High working temperature, up to 2300°C .

2.Good thermal stability

3.Good corrosion resisting in gases.

Zirconia ceramic tube Usage:
1.Used as thermocouple sheath working in monocrystalline silicon ingot furnace
2.polysilicon ingot furnace and semiconductor diffusion furnace etc.
3.Combustion tube of chemical analysis.
4.For other high temperature and corrosion applications. 
zirconia ceramic tube technical data:

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