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Zirconia ceramic components

Zirconia ceramic components

Zirconia ceramic components

Zirconia ceramic has high toughness,high bending strength,high abrade-resistance, the Coefficient of thermal expansion is close to steel, it was widely used in structure ceramic areas. Mainly products: Y-TZP grinding ball, grinding medium, nozzles, ball valve and seat, zirconia moulds, fan axes, draw bench mould, incision tools, wearable knives and other wearable accessories.


1.high toughness 
2.high bending strength 
3.high abrade-resistance 
4.high quality with low price 
5.no abrade

This dense advanced ceramics material is usually precision ground using conventional diamond cutters and wheels. Machines used for precision grinding include:

Surface grinders
CNC milling machines
Jig grinders
Center less grinders
CNC lathes
ID grinders

The types of dense, advanced ceramic components produced by FUBOON include:

Ceramic Valve components
Ceramic Pump liners
Ceramic Roller
Ceramic Plugs
Ceramic Sleeves
Ceramic Pistons
Ceramic Nozzle
Precision ceramic balls
Ceramic Spools
Ceramic Shaft
Ceramic Press tooling